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    I'm based in England and I have my carpc project about 80% complete....I have all my hardware I need minus a radio input !!! Is there a good option for FM/DAB radio input connected up to a car PC ? I've read through plenty of threads but I haven't been able to tell if there is a good working option for in the UK

    cheers guys


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    Have you looked into silabs or usb ads radio?
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      hi, thanks for the reply - yes i know of both of them, but I'm unsure of their quality. I'm looking for something that is reliable and of good sound/tuning quality. I listen to the radio a fair bit on my long journeys, do you have any personal experience with these units?



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        I dont know if PC radios' software can be tweaked for region or not. But I am pretty sure the actual stations frequencies differ in Europe than in North America. Something like odd numbered frequencies here (like 99.9Mhz, or 87.5Mhz) whereas in Europe it is even (like 99.8Mhz or 87.6Mhz). I cant remember if this is true or not. But you would know Just something you should be aware of if the problem exists. If the tuner can go in 100Khz jumps or something, then you should be safe.
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