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Best keyboard/mouse combo!!

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  • Best keyboard/mouse combo!!

    I went to Microcenter the other day. They have the gyration suite. It's has a mouse and keyboard, both being 25 ft rf wireless, so no line of sight is needed

    the mouse: can be a normal optical mouse when used on a can move it in the air and it moves the cursor with your arm...VERY nice, VERY smooth, VERY no need to find a place for mousepad in ur car

    the keyboard: very small...just slightly larger than the smallest mini they had at also rf, so no line of sight needed..very good feel

    the suite, with both, including charging cradle (the mouse uses rechargeable batteries that come with the mouse and you can just bring it in and put on cradle at night to recharge..u can also turn it off at any time to preserve power when not using...the keyboard uses normal aaa batteries, which it comes with!) were only $100...not bad

    now i just need to order digitalwww's touchscreen and i'll be all set!!

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    got a picture? you just wave the thing around and the mouse moves?


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      someone posted about this before.. I've heard that that mouse is hard to use in the car because of the dynamic environment.. the mouse will often sense that you are moving when you aren't. Have you tried it in your car yet? If you are only using it when you are stopped it shouldn't be a problem (you shouldn't be using it while driving anyway!!)
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        it only moves the cursor when u hold down the button, so it won't move the cursor constantly while u are driving

        and yeah, it's best to not use any mouse while driving