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    I have a Dynamix 816 LCD screen and its been working great for me. I've been ordering the stuff i need to get my system installed into the car and I just got a 25' Shielded & twisted pair VGA cable with ferrites on both ends. When i plug it into my system i get shadowing on the images on the screen. It is not yet installed in the car. this is happening in the house still.

    I have Intel DG45FC Mini-ITX Board that has DVI out and im using a DVI to VGA adaptor. With the stock cable for the Dynamix screen its fine.

    Is the problem that with the conversion from DVI to VGA that there isnt enough power to project a clear signal the distance to the screen? Would a VGA amplifier be of any help? If so what should i look for in and amplifier? Any help would be appreciated.


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    Ok, i plugged it into the analogue vga port of my desktop computer that has a nvidia geforce 8500gt card in it and it still shows some shadow but it doesnt seem to be quite as bad.

    I was thinking about running a shorter vga cable (6ft) out of the pc then an amplifier then another cable the rest of the way. (if signal strength is actually the problem) I was looking at VGA amps and they all seem to have at least 2 outputs but thats ok with me. I see some are 250mhz and some are 400mhz. What the difference? Which is better? What other features should i look for?