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How can select a checkbox with touchscreen

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  • How can select a checkbox with touchscreen


    I have a eGalax 7" touchscreen working with a little version of linux, named SLAX.
    I've configure this touchscreen using the eGalax driver and TouchKit calibrating tool.

    I run a java application on it which has an graphical interface.
    This interface has some checkbox's and some select's options on it.
    I'm not able to select one of this checkbox or one option from the select options.
    When i try to select one option from the select options and I click on the select down arrow, appears all the options but when I take the finger from the touchscreen to select one of these options the menu with options dissapear, so I can't select nothing.

    Do you know if exists a touchscreen option to make this working?

    Thank you!

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    English please. Can't figure out what you're trying to do.
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      if you mean that you are trying to select 1 choice from a drop down menu but when you lift your finger from the screen the choices go away.....

      either tap the box and when it opens tap the desired choice.


      do what you were doing but when the choices appear, do not lift off the screen and drag to your choice. then lift your finger.

      touching the screen generally acts as if clicking the left mouse button.


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        Double click

        Sorry for my english and thanks for your replies.

        I've tried with an java application to understand what is the difference between the mouse and the touchscreen taps and the answer is that the touchscreen make double click instead of a single click.

        How can I set touchscreen to make just a single click?



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          Try installing the program that goes with the touchscreen and looking for that option.

          If you are using windows 7 and the default touch driver, then go to the control panel and open "pen and touch" the options you need are right there


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            Touchscreen doible click instead single click

            I'm using one small Linux version. named SLAX.

            I've installed eGalax driver correspondent to my touchscreen and kernel.
            I don't know if is an option for xorg.conf touchscreen settings to do just a single click instead double click.
            Is there one option?

            Because I didn't find on internet this, or is another solution to do this?



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              I solve this issue by adding in xorg.conf touchscreen input device section:

              Option "SkipClick" "1"