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My 7" liliput screen

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  • My 7" liliput screen

    Hey guys i have a 7" liliput screen I bought used from a friend of mine. I took the screen and board out of the casing and put it in my own custom bezel and everything works fine. The only issue is daylight readability. I know this is a common issue with this type of screen but hear me out.

    When i first turn it on w/o my laptop on I get that "No Input" dialog and that is EASILY readable. But as soon as it gets a signal from my laptop it seems to immediately dim the screen and its difficult to read. Also it seems like it gets dimmer after 2 or 3 mins. It might just be the outside getting brighter but I'm not sure. Anyway, is there some kind of configuration I'm not getting to to control the LED backlight or perhaps is it the fact that its VGA and therefore it cant output as brightly? Is there any fix for this?

    Also is there some sort of anti-reflective film i can put on the front of it because the main reason i cant see whats on the screen is because all i can see is the reflection of the sun on the passengers seat.

    Thanks for the help!