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One-handed chording keyboard

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  • One-handed chording keyboard

    Y'all might be interested in a one-handed chording keyboard. It's USB-interfaced, reads to the system as an external keyboard, and is a full 101-key keyboard.

    Unfortunately, you can't buy one. You have to make it yourself. has a lot of information on the design. The inventor has a patent on it, but he also grants everyone the right to build up to five keyboards.

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    hey i have one of those. they are not very hard to make at all. john has a very good how to on his site.

    i cheated when i made mine, i mostly used 6-32 all thread. that made it so much easier to adjust and set how long the arms for the 8 switches. i used 1/4 key-stock to connect the arms to the king pin. that gives you adjustment to get everything to fit your hand just right.

    this would be grate in a car if you wanted to mount a keyboard on to the steering wheel its self. just think your hand would never have to move off the wheel when go to the keys.


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      oh one other thing....
      if you only have enough room for a number pad
      its not a bad idea. i think i would rather have Q-9(you know the predictive text that cell phones use) if i was using just he number pad.

      does any one know away to make that work on a computer? i havent found a program that will emulate that