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    carpcr's rejoice!!!
    you have to check this out.
    i just got mine and...WOW! and can you belive, $40. i chose the "ship to usa" option and got it in a week. total $48.50. i wanted to test it out before i brought it to you and again i say WOW! it does everything it claims and looks great. unfortunately, it comes in the white they show in the demo, not the black shown in the pics. i hope that you noticed the little detail that makes this perfect for carpc. yes, the ever elusive ctrl/alt/del buttons are all there. i was so thrilled when i found this and even more so when it worked well enough to brag to all of you about it.

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    I'm approving this even though it looks like spam. Report it if you see spammage.
    Originally posted by ghettocruzer
    I was gung ho on building a PC [until] just recently. However, between my new phone having internet and GPS and all...and this kit...Im starting to have trouble justfiying it haha.
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      thanx for approving this, bugbyte. i didn't mean this to look questionable. i'm just so excited to have found something that answers so many things that people seem to be looking for. i really hope others will tell me what they think.


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        too bad it isn't bluetooth


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          Ptoxic, you are right

          Ptoxic, you are right. After I saw your message and comment, I also went to the site and purchased.

          I just received and used it. It is a great product that I have ever seen and tried before.

          Even it doesn't have blue-tooth, I don't mind because my friend told me that the usage distance of any blue tooth device is short (max 3 metre) but this one can reach 10 metre.

          Once again, thank Ptoxic


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            ha ha, the keyboard is very expensive in Japan

            I find this product in Japan site.


            It sells 5,980 Japanese Yen, around US$63.

            We are lucky that we can buy much cheaper


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              if it was bluetooth it would cost twice as much.

              it looks awesome, but also sketchy. That site is random, the product has no discernible manufacturer and it could last for 6 weeks or 6 years; there's no indication either way.


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                rig419, i see your concerns but, i've been using this since april and haven't had any problems. this appears to be the exception to the "seems too good to be true" rule. the only issues i've had are white tends to get dirty and the need of a stronger adhesive for the casing. i've been in constant contact with efo since my purchase and have made suggestions and shared the concerns expressed on this forum and had nothing but a positive experience. great customer service. as far as bluetooth, they already have this plan in mind but not yet started. It will develop based on the sales responses of this wireless keyboard.


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                  ptoxic, i agree your point

                  ptoxic, I agree your point. Same as you that I don't have any complaint after using for a month.

                  Moreover, I find it out that it can be sold in Japan and the quality is quite guaranteed.

                  Finally, I say I like it much.


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                    ptoxic, the keyboard is one of the hot stories in APCMAG

                    Hey ptoxic,

                    I just surf the internet and find out the keyboard in becomes one of the top stories in apcmag in Australia.

                    It encourages me that I didn't buy the wrong product. Thank.

                    News in APC Mag.


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                      anyone got an email or other way to contact them?

                      i tried using the contact page on their site and got no answer ( using 2 different emails and after waiting about a week.. )
                      also tried to register on their site but something is wrong with the form..

                      so anyone knows a different way to contact them?

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                        Love the idea but not overly keen on the build quality, I mean the backlight doesn't actually cover the entire keyboard which is a bit daft and it looks a little like the crappy wannabe IPOD rip-offs that last a few days!

                        I would like to see the same product but built to a higher standard, bluetooth and with a better backlight! I'd gladly pay twice the price for something like that... For my keyboard at the moment I'm using a BT Stowaway foldable keyboard which folds in to the size of that unit but when unfolded has a much bigger laptop style keyboard.

                        On my HTPC at home I actually use my BT mobile phone to interface mouse/keyboard actions.


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                          Never mind, just found exactly what I described lol... Logitech DiNovo Mini Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard 70 odd but IMO worth it.


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                            Originally posted by Keithjack View Post
                            Even it doesn't have blue-tooth, I don't mind because my friend told me that the usage distance of any blue tooth device is short (max 3 metre) but this one can reach 10 metre.
                            We have a Logitech MX5000 bluetooth KB/mouse set at work, it works across the room (8-10m) just fine. Plus, why would you really need more than 3 meter range in a car?


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                              Bluetooth is 10m usually, some are 25m which is what my BT adapter manages.