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Attaching touch overlay... possibly good for TM701L

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  • Attaching touch overlay... possibly good for TM701L

    I was thinking... you people who are cutting out cardboard and such to get around the pressure issue and such on the TM701L / Touch Overlay thing just might be better off (read easier to do) using this.

    I'm thinking of doing the same thing with my overlay. I just peel off the back and not the front of the foam tape and attach it around the viewable area of the LCD (not inside ) then if there's any hanging over just cut it off with a razorblade. Viola'... no more trying to cut out a piece of cardboard to fit, and you get around the pressure on one part of the overlay issue.

    What do you think?

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    I spent the holidays working for a company called Crestron (home automation systems, etc) and had to do alot of touchscreen overlay replacements, and that tape is almost EXACTLY what is used to mount the touch overlays to their LCDs.

    The only difference is the tape used was black so it doesnt stand out if the overlay is mounted a mm or so off center. The tape was only a thin strip, around 5mm wide.

    Nice idea
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