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OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator - Thoughts?

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  • OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator - Thoughts?

    So I took my carpc for it's first long trip this week, and really got a chance to use it. My initial reaction is, even when using touch screens, input is not an easy task. About 6 months ago, I heard about this Neural Impulse Actator device that was comming out for gaming to allow you to use certain brain waves to aid the control of movement and actions in video games. Now, 6 months later, i see they've started to come down in price, and am thinking about purchasing one of these, and using it with my car PC.

    More or less, I'd like to be able to issue commands to my carpc... like starting programs, adjusting volume, etc...

    The applications for technology could eventually lead to creating devices that allow you to drive your car using your own mind.

    I searched, but couldn't find any topics of this device on the site, but wanted to know what all you guys thought about it.
    OCZ's Neural Impulse Actuator (nia) marks a new era in gaming. Rather than being a substitute for a mouse, the nia is a pioneering new peripheral to be used in conjunction with your mouse for a more immersive gaming experience. The nia is compatible with any PC game using keyboard input… past, present, or future. Predefined profiles included with the software allow the gamer to develop their own nia—memory to launch the desired behavior of their character and shoot with the "blink of an eye", without lifting a finger.

    Play Games Using Biosignals
    Translate electrical biosignals of your body directly into computer commands and take advantage of total immersion into game play. Customize behavioral profiles of your character and let your subconsciousness take over.

    Hone Your Reflexes
    Where others have to practice reaction times, you can use reflex-based game play to get the better of your opponents by cutting your reaction time by 50%.

    Use Space-Age Technology
    The headband uses carbon nanofiber-based sensors to provide the highest possible dynamic range for the recording of bioelectrical signals that are amplified and digitized and further de-convoluted into computer commands.

    Become Your Character
    Streaming biopotentials into the computer and witnessing real-time feedback through the game will result in a novel way to experience virtual reality. Enter a virtual world where abstractions like keyboard commands are replaced by intentions converted into tensions and translated into command structures.
    Obvious down sides seem to be that it requires you to wear a wired head band... perhaps modifying it to use bluetooth could prove useful.

    It also seems to work based on muscle jerks... Possibly issuing commands to the computer when you don't wish too while driving, or reacting to changes in road conditions.

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    I heard about this a while ago too. Never thought of using it for controlling the carpc. But the obvious downside you mentioned would be a deal breaker for me. I wouldn't want to be driving around with the headband on.


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      Originally posted by csfile View Post
      I heard about this a while ago too. Never thought of using it for controlling the carpc. But the obvious downside you mentioned would be a deal breaker for me. I wouldn't want to be driving around with the headband on.
      Perhaps it could be modified to be worn with a pair of sunglasses or something. Personally I don't mind looking like an uber-geek, but having the wires dangling from my head would be the dealbreaker for me.


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        I can see this as being quite a challenge to control in traffic. Alpha and beta already would take some time sitting at a desk with no distractions.


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          But Officer, I never saw that pedestrian, I was concentrating on selecting another song to play.


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            I have tested this device, and for me, it where close to useless...
            Normal operation after calibration where OK and quite good, but when I tried it in World of Warcraft, where loads of things happen at the same time.... total mess!

            I would figure that driving a car is more stressing to the brain than playing WoW... So... In a car.... "busted".


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              The biggest issues I see is the learning curve-- alot of reviewers state that it takes a while to learn. In a car environment, it would need to become second nature before ever attempting to use it while the car is in motion. Then there is the issue with having your driving actions getting converted when you don't want them to-- you swerve to avoid someone, and accidently send a command to change songs, and raise the volume up...
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                How about emotiv? It has sdk. So the the possibility is unlimited. Well a lot more pricey though.