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Lilliput 629 touchscreen in Windows 7

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  • Lilliput 629 touchscreen in Windows 7

    Dear all,

    I am currently trying out Windows 7 on my car pc. I have overcome most of the driver issues except one.

    the default windows 7 driver can recognize the USB touchscreen controller and activates the inbuild tablet mode. However, I am unable to get it to calibrate and the axis seemed to be swapped.

    anyone knows how to solve this? short of a hardware hack, which i will reserve as last effort....
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    currently having the same issue, using commercial release version win7, tried the beta win7 drivers from touchkit but they don't detect the touchscreen. Windows detects it immediately and it does work, but the calibration and axis are too wrong to correct in the control panel.

    anyone have any ideas?


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      Try here

      Let me know how it goes
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        Originally posted by Kosti View Post
        Try here

        Let me know how it goes
        I have the same problem with a brand new 629GL-70NP/C/T (DVI) and the above drivers didn't help. I initially purchased an EBY701 but then realized that my actual carputer will not have VGA but DVI only. Before I realized this I tested the 701 on two different VGA machines and it worked fine, display and touch screen.

        The place I bought the 701 was kind enough to exchange it for a 629GL-DVI. The display on the 629 works but the touch screen does not. I installed the drivers (tried both the provided CD and the eGalax stuff online) on both a Win XP Pro and on a MacBook Pro. On both machines and with any driver, it recognizes that the touch screen has been plugged in to the USB but there is no TS response.

        A further oddity is that plugging it into the Windows machine causes the machine to be extremely slow responding to button clicks.

        Hopefully they will exchange it (yet again!) but is it likely defective? I've heard of non-TS models of the 629. Is it possible that this one has the TS controller but not the TS display?

        Two other things I notice different about the 629 vs. the 701. For the round DIN connector the 701 came with a cable that terminated in VGA + USB pigtail. The 629 did not; it only has DIN to VGA (no USB spliced off it). On the 629 there is a short DVI and USB cable sticking out the bottom. On the 701 there was an additional DC power jack on the side (the other one being on the D shell connector); the 629 has only the in-line DC jack off the D-shell connector.
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          Try this for more drivers on W7

          got this from this page

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            I know this thread is a bit old but i am trying to get my lilliput touchscreen to work in windows 7. Let me be clear that the latest drivers from the touchkit website work fine however i would like to use the built in features in windows 7 like gestures. Unfortunatly i dont see any option for this in the control panel and in the system properties it says no pen or touch is available for this display

            Any thoughts?
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                See here:
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