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USB ports failing

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  • USB ports failing

    For some reason my USB ports are failing. First off was one of my USB on the board decided to stop being a 2.0 port. Anything I plug into it makes a baloon appear telling me the input device will work better in a 2.0 port. Now another port is failing by just not working. When I plug anything into it I get the windows confirmation sound that a device has been plugged in but in never appears under "my computer" or in the device manager.

    I have the Intel 945 atom dual core chipset with Windows XP.

    Any ideas?
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    how many usb ports are on the board? Do all other USB ports work? Usually if its a hardware problem more than one port will fail because they're normally wired in parallel. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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      Lots of possibilites...

      Are these the USB ports on the motherboard itself?

      Are you connecting through a USB hub? If so, is the hub rated for USB 2.0? Also, do you have any USB1.1 devices connected to the hub?

      Did you install the most current motherboard chipset drivers? (The ones on the included CD are rarely the most current).
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

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        Its on my voom pc case. One port on the main side with all the connections and another port on the other side nex o he RCA audio outs. I have only the CD drivers on there so I will try an update.

        Using my hub is how I found out the one went out, when I plugged in the memory stick I got nothing so I swapped my CD drive into the usb the hub was plugged in and it no longer worked. That pretty much let me know it was not functioning but in the device manager they all show working properly.
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          You might be drawing too much power. Does the cd drive have an external power port?
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            Yes, and it was plugged into another usb. I now use the failing usb as the power for the cd rom since it works for that, just not data transfer. It didnt really bother me until now another port has failed and I use all my ports for devices so now my phone tether for internet has no home
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              M2-ATX? I found that if you run a long USB cable the 5V needed to power USB is too low for some USB devices to work properly due to losses. I wouldn't rely on the USB to power the drive either, it could be trying to pull too much current to make up for voltage sagging. Measure you 5V rail via one of the molex plugs to see what the voltage is with things plugged in and without.
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