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NEC 20" LCD w/weird touchscreen connector...

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  • NEC 20" LCD w/weird touchscreen connector...

    Hi, I've been lurking here for a while but this is my first time posting anything - I've been searching the web for hours and gotten nowhere so I finally decided to pester you guys. :P

    I've got a used NEC MultiSync 2010X-T 20" touchscreen LCD (just got it; it looks and works great, nice and bright, no dead/stuck pixels, actually using it right now as I type this) but I can't figure out what kind of cable I need to use the built-in touchscreen, nor can I find a part number or any info at all, really...

    Here're pics; the first shows all the connections on the back of the monitor, the second shows a close-up of the "mini-DIN-looking" connection that I suspect is the touchscreen; there's also a connection to the right of the AC power that looks like an RJ45 ethernet jack (possibly a diagnostic port?) but these are just guesses.

    I'm trying to figure out what kind of cable I need and the only thing I've been able to determine so far is that this monitor supposedly has a 3M (formerly MicroTouch) "Cleartek 3000" touchscreen built-in...

    Any ideas?!
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    Try This. This PDF gives some specs I don't think the round connector is it. The black serial below it is probably the one to use. Hope this helps.
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      Thanks for trying to help! Unfortunately, that "black serial" below the DVI connector is a 15pin VGA (D-SUB) input...