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USB MS/HDD Cant see contents...

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  • USB MS/HDD Cant see contents...

    Jus done a fresh install of XP on a friends computer, it's an old beast that needed a bit of life breathing in to it.

    After the install everything seems good but when I plug in my USB Stick or USB HDD, they show up in My Computer but when opened there is nothing inside them.

    The HDD has a device name but still only shows up as removeable disk.

    In device manager there are 4 USB Root Hubs installed and 3 VIA Rev 5 or later Univeral Host Controllers installed. I read that mutipe instances of these could cause problems but after uninstalling them and rebooting, XP just reinstalled them again.

    All components were working previously.

    Here is the board and spec:
    Manufacturer Link

    The BIOS Updates from the manufacturer didn't seem relevant as they only seemed to be for newer CPU support.

    Any pointers would be appreciated.

    Cheers guys.

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    Anybody have any ideas??