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touchscreen woes.

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  • touchscreen woes.

    Im nearing completion on my project and have run into a few snags. the main one is my question

    I install the xenarc software for the touchscreen, eely or something. but it says "no more controllers" when I click add. I hooked it up to a laptop and it found it on com3, and installed it, the screen then made a buzzing noise when I touched it. but the laptop froze, and continued to freeze whenever it was rebooted.

    so... I figure, whatever, not the point. I just wanted to see something recognize the touchscreen and it did.

    so whats wrong with my computer that it wont recognize the touchscreen in the serial port?

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    1. make sure the com port(s) are enabled in your bios. there are usually options for turning them on/off and setting the IO address.

    2. make sure there are no applications running in windows that are locking the port.

    3. check device manager and see if the driver is loaded and operational.

    4. in the control panel, open the com port properties and try increasing/decreasing the FIFO buffer size.

    I had the same problem actually, but it turned out to be a bad solder joint on the connector where you plug the serial/vga cable in. Since you proved it worked on another computer, it is likey a config problem.

    I assume you tried plugging the touch screen in to all available serial ports. (that is if you have more than 1)


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      You can also test connectivty outside of the driver, buy loading up hyperterminal (or equiv terminal program).

      Select the port, and 9600 n,8,1 for instance, and then touch the panel. You should see garbage characters stream across the screen.

      Also, make sure you power up the LCD panel before starting up the computer.