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touchscreen only works left to right - not top to bottom

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  • touchscreen only works left to right - not top to bottom

    I hope that someone here can help me. I finally found the power pinouts for my DataLux DataBrick II mobile computer and touchscreen monitor. I loaded Windows 98 and got all of the drivers loaded and installed the TouchWare software. Everything seems to work except the touch screen doesn't register correctly.

    When I run Calibrate, it acts like it accepts the touch input, then it says to wait while the configuration data is being saved. Then it says that the input range is incorrect and that I should make sure I press the calibration points in the correct order - which I did). If I then try to touch the screen, the mouse goes to the very top of the screen. It does seem go from left to right, although not accurately, but it never leaves the top line. I am tempted to think that the problem is in the horizontal axis of the touch panel, except that when I run the Terminal program from the TouchWare software and touch the screen, I get different numbers no matter where I touch the screen. For example, if I touch anywhere along the far right hand edge, I would expect the numbers to stay the same if there truly where a problem with the horizontal axis of the panel. That is not the case, however. The numbers go up and down in relation to where I touch the screen. That leads me to believe that the problem is a software or configuration issue.

    Can you please see if there is anything that you can think of that might cause this problem?

    The version numbers are:

    TouchWare v5.64 SR6
    Control Panel v5.64.5.1
    DDI v5.64
    Driver v5.64
    Utility DLL v5.64.6.2
    MtsFreq DLL v5.64.6.1
    MtsResource DLL v5.64.6.2

    Operating System: Windows 98 v4.10.2222
    Touch Controller: SMT3V v5.80
    com1 @ 9600 status=OK
    Monitor: DataLux Flat Panel Display model # 8809-05

    I will be happy to supply any other information that you require. Thank you.