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Question about the Sony RMX6S controller

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  • Question about the Sony RMX6S controller

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I tried reading through the discussions that involved the RMX6s as well as the wired RMX2s/4s. I couldn't find anything directly related.

    Anyway, my question is about the rm-x6s. I understand this is a hi-band IR transmitter and this used to work on my older sony deck (CDXM8805) on one of my vehicles . When this deck failed, I installed a new deck (CDXGT-630UI) that uses a lower band IR signal. The wireless remote that came with it is an RM-X151. Is there a way to use or modify the RM-X6S to broadcast a lower signal similar with the RMX151?


    My carpc is interchangeably installed on 2 vehicles (a summer car and a winter suv). On the car it's an all-out system with a touchscreen xenarc monitor and a portable RF keyboard as backup controller. Almost everything is installed inside a compartment that mimics my subwoofer housing. Anyway, the carpc part is completely removable can be transferred to the other vehicle. On the second vehicle however, the sound output only goes to the a sony deck with an source selector input (XA300). With the previous deck and the RMX6s, Im able to toggle between sources easily, but now with the rmx6s incompatible with the new deck I was hoping there is a way to reintegrate.


    Basically I'm hoping for a way to mod the RMX6S to send a signal that can be understood by the CDXGT630UI or any unit that uses a low band IR freq.

    (BTW ignore my signature that has the specs for the carpc's. Those were my old setups V1.0 during the time when I was too cheap to use proper smaller components. I'm now at V4.0 and will update my sig soon)
    Thanks for any help
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