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Lilliput EBY701 usb disconnecting windows 7

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  • Lilliput EBY701 usb disconnecting windows 7

    so ive run into a problem with my brand new Lilliput EBY701 double din rdy screen i bought and just received from mp3car store today.

    when i plug everything in on my laptop it keeps flashing the screen on and off and the usb connect and disconnect keeps sounding... i was wondering whats the solution to fix this issue. since i was gonna test it out before i actually put it in my car. I have searched the forums and cant find a solution to this

    im using windows 7 btw

    thanks, tauzins

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    i ran into this issue a few days ago when upgrading to windows 7 too.

    i found out i had to uninstall my nvidia drivers, and instead use default windows drivers for my video card and it would work =\ must be some sort of conflict

    hope this helps!


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      i looked into it... apparently my laptop the 6150go drivers are ****ty from microsoft... i used custom ones and it works fine


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        Little off topic - Whats the real difference between the EBY version and the Lilliput GL629-70NP ?

        Also does the EBY ver auto switch for reverse camera?
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          Glad to see others had the same issue and there is a solution. I just tested mine out and I was like oh no hope I don't have to send it back.

          I have a NVIDIA GeForce Go 7900 GS. Will have to stick with default windows drivers then when I put it in my car then.
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