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Add touchscreen capacity to the in-dash Kenwwod monitor

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  • Add touchscreen capacity to the in-dash Kenwwod monitor

    I have a plan to modify my deck system (Kenwood DDX7029) so that my computer (either using a mac mini or mini PC) could be hooked up to the monitor for navigation, slingbox or other web functions. I don't want to do along the way of replacing the monitor with a Lilliput monitor as I still want to keep the original DVD/Radio/Rear Camx2/HDTV capacity.

    Since the existing monitor is with touch screen and of course I know I couldn't hijack it to control my mac/PC. Yet, I am quite sure that most of the touch screen features (about 4-5 years ago) are based on 4- or 5- wired resistive panel. If I could disconnect the wired control and connect it to a USB touch screen controller (I have got one at USD$25 locally in Hong Kong), I should be able to make use of the touch screen to control my mac/PC.

    I haven't tried out the project yet and would like to know whether you guys have any relevant experience. Of course, I can still control my deck AV system with the remote.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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    You have two options:

    1 - Get a USB touchscreen overlay and apply it to your Kenwood. You will probably lose the touchscreen control of the Kenwood itself.

    2 - Reverse-engineer the Kenwood's touchscreen and get it to talk to a USB port. Write drivers if necessary. You will lose touchscreen control of your Kenwood unit.

    Since you don't want to lose the functionality of your Kenwood unit, I don't know if this is a risk you'd want to take. But there are your options.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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      Thanks for your help. I am justing thinking of the 2nd way.
      The only risk I may have is forfeit the touch screen function of the mjonitor.
      I can still live with the remote control if this happens.

      Just wonder if there is any past experience in dismantling the bezel of the Kenwood monitor...
      would there be any instructions on this? Any way to get the specifications of the touch screen of the Kenwood monitor? (i.e. whether it uses a 4-wires resistive touch screen as expected?)