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Add touchscreen capacity to the in-dash Kenwwod monitor

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  • Add touchscreen capacity to the in-dash Kenwwod monitor

    I have a plan to modify my deck system (Kenwood DDX7029) so that my computer (either using a mac mini or mini PC) could be hooked up to the monitor for navigation, slingbox or other web functions. I don't want to do along the way of replacing the monitor with a Lilliput monitor as I still want to keep the original DVD/Radio/Rear Camx2/HDTV capacity.

    Since the existing monitor is with touch screen and of course I know I couldn't hijack it to control my mac/PC. Yet, I am quite sure that most of the touch screen features (about 4-5 years ago) are based on 4- or 5- wired resistive panel. If I could disconnect the wired control and connect it to a USB touch screen controller (I have got one at USD$25 locally in Hong Kong), I should be able to make use of the touch screen to control my mac/PC.

    I haven't tried out the project yet and would like to know whether you guys have any relevant experience. Of course, I can still control my deck AV system with the remote.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


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    Yes, this is theoretically possible. Most people don't want to lose their touchscreen capability and are afraid to hack into it.

    I will mention however, that you should first try just hooking up the pc to the screen and be sure that you are satisfied with how it looks. Headunit screens are almost always video, not VGA screens for cost reasons. Regular pc text will look fuzzy unless you lower the resolution and increase the text size.

    Try it first before you hack the touchscreen.
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      in your response to darque in your 2nd thread, you mentioned that you thought that the kenwood used 4 or 5 wire resistive touch overlay, so it seems that you have a little electronics experience, or are at least willing to learn.

      to most, it is not worth the time, money, and risk to adapt a hu touch overlay to a computer.

      the 2 biggest issues have already been mentioned, but i wanted to add a little-- most computers minimum typical resolution output is 800x600(there are some taht are lower, or software that can be used to try to corret this). a composite input, like what is in the headunits, the max rez is 480 horizontal lines, so you are losing almost half of the
      clarity of the computer image just in the conversion. if you use a poor converter, you could loose even more clarity.

      then there is the touch layer--you said that you thought it was resistive, but how can you know? that overlay was custom made for that unit, even possibly included, or bonded to the screen, so unless you can pull a model number and find the manufacturer that is willing to give you the specs, you can't know for sure how it works, and so even if you did get it connected, it might not work correctly because it was designed to work with kenwoods equipment, not a computer.

      then there is the other idea of using another touch layer--if the kenwoods layer is capacitive, it will disable that layer, because it would no longer feel your finger. if it was a resisive, you would have to press twice as hard to get the touch to register on both, and there is also the issue of the touch layer working when you don't want it to.

      say your watching a movie on the kenwood, and start touching certain areas of the screen to get the kenwood to play the movie-- before you know it, you just left clicked your way to the computer reformatting the primary drive!

      it just is not practical to have the kenwood screen control both devices-- by the time you are done making it barely work you would have spent enough time and money to buy a vga screen, and another kenwood...

      the other option that hasn't been brought up is to use the kenwood for a display only, and have a keyboard with hotkeys, or a touchpad to control the computer.
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        Thanks Bugbyte and Soundman98 for your useful advice. First of all, I know the resolution issue as I am now using the monitor to display my HTC Touch Pro PPC. As I mainly use the monitor for MV, navigation and youtube, so I can live with the native resolution of the monitor. I plan to use a Mac Mini if I could overcome the touchscreen issue.
        Surely I will try to get hold of the specifications from the manufacturer though I know it will be difficult. Also, I have never dreamed of having the touch screen to control both Kenwood and Computer. I have prepared to use the remote to control the Kenwood.

        The problem of having a second touch screen (even though I don't need to retain the Kenwood touch screen functionality) is that I couldn't find a fit screen of 6.95" in the market. Maybe I will try to go for second hand market in HK if possible.

        After all, a keyboard/mouse option is not on my list since I really want to do some minor manipulations (say assigning a designation in the Navigation programme or to select a playlist) while I'm driving. Also, having those stuffs in the front seat might look rather messy.