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  • powermate questions

    Just bought 2 of them, messed around with one for about 5 minutes and im amazed with this little thing. very cool device and well worth the price IMO.

    i just now was reading about the spacenavigator, seems like its got more features but oh well, already bought these, and its cheaper for the powermates anyways

    ok so, theyre for my 04 mini cooper carputer install. i could have only bought one, but i decided to go for 2 becuase i want one knob for just volume, mute, and pause no matter what application is open. the other i will have for other things, mainly to scroll and select music.

    im building a full custom console from scratch (even though it wont be a very big console becuase the size of the car itself LOL). havent decided where i want to mount them yet though. i do know i want to mount them with only the turnable knob part showing. i love the led feature, but blue will not match the rest of my interior lights, and i dont want the wire showing at all.

    my main questions are this-

    what is the most common things you guys with carputers set your powermates to control (other than volume and scrolling through music)

    and changing the color of the whole car is black, as is the interior. id rather the knobs be black vs the brushed aluminum look they are now. what would be the best way to do this? im not sure paint would hold up if its going to be touched constantly, eventually id think the areas with the most traffic would wear down and need to be repainted wouldnt they? an ideas here would be appreciated.