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Trying to extend the IR remote on JVC using the OE remote input

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  • Trying to extend the IR remote on JVC using the OE remote input

    Hi guys,

    I've got a JVC AVX1 that I bought a while back, I then sold the car it was in, and never put it in another car. So rather than let it rot in the garage I thought I'd use it in my kitchen as a dvd player and to run a couple of external speakers on the patio. I've got everything figured out, except its gonna be a ball ache having to come inside to change the volume or track, so I was looking for some way to extend the IR remote. If possible I want one thats hardwired in the stereo and not on of the generic ones. The stereo has got an OE remote input so was hoping to use that. In work we've got standalone DVD players on boats that have a plug in IR receiver so you can mount the DVD player in a cupboard. I borrowed one from work and plugged it into the JVC and it doesn't work, but was wondering if there was a universal one. Because the head unit is being mounted on dusplay, I don't want the remote extenders that have got a little IR transmitter that you stick infront of the stereo IR receiver. The other option is if someone knows of a wired remote I could use, even if it was in a cupboard, I've seen remotes for boats, but they 90> and they don't seem to be available for JVC.