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Replacement touchscreen for Lilliput??

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  • Replacement touchscreen for Lilliput??

    I while back I bought a 7" Lilliput monitor from some guy on eBay.
    He had advertised it as non-touch and it was really cheap so I figured what the heck and bought it.

    Once I got the monitor I realized that it was actually a touchscreen model (EBY701-NP/C/T),
    The monitor works great and looks sharp, but it appears as if the touchscreen overlay itself was removed. I say this becuase no matter what I tried I could not get any response from the screen when I touched it with a styulus or my finger and the touch software didnt seem to recognize any touch device connected. It also said "Touchscreen" on the back!

    I also opened the case and I noticed that I have a set of wires (4-wires) that are connected to nothing, it just had electrical tape wrapped around it.
    See attached pics.

    So my questions are:
    Is this thing fixable?
    Where can I get a replacement overlay so that I can make it a fully functional touchscreen monitor?
    Would something like this work:
    7 inch Touch Panel Screen Kit Set for ASUS Eee-PC/EeePC

    Sorry if this is a total noob question.
    I appreciate any and all feedback.

    Thanks for your help!
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  • #2 suggestions!

    Anyone able to help me out on this???


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      Sheessh... I'm really surprised that I haven't had any feedback or suggestions on this topic!

      Did I just post this in the wrong area?
      Or is nobody in this forum knowledgeable enough to answer this question?

      Can anyone at least make a suggestion as to where I might better find and answer?



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        Can't tell from the back but it looks like he probably removed the touchscreen. You can remove the screen from the bezel and it will be obvious if there is a touchscreen in front of the LCD screen.

        Notice in the auction link how hazy that touchscreen is. That is exactly what it will look like if you put that in front of your screen. Hazy and a lot of glare. That is typical of transflective touchscreens and pretty much how the original touchscreen would look had it been left on. If you want to just replace the touchscreen with a good alternative, try here:

        If you don't want to pay that much, then check the classifieds here for people selling touchscreen parts, or maybe contact that ebay seller that I linked to. He probably has extra transflective screens that he'd sell you.
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          Does it have a USB connection? It is most likely a touch screen if it's an EBY701. It looks like an older 2007 model judging by the inner white cables. Take a picture from the front of the screen but it seems that the touch screen is in place judging by the touch input cable. I'm assuming the four wires that were not connected to anything belong to the infrared sensor? Someone feel free too correct me if i'm wrong.


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            I'll take a picture of the front of the monitor later today when I get home.

            I ordered an EEEPC touchscreen kit, 4-wire type, from eBay but for some reason I couldnt get the touchscreen to respond to any sort of touch. So I am sending the kit back for a replacement.
            Hopefully the replacement will work without any issues since it looks like it will fit nicely.

            My thought was that the 4-wires was meant to connect to the actual touchscreen overlay itself, but you are thinking that it is used for the infrared connection??
            Any way for someone to tell me for sure if the 4-wires (white ones) are meant for the touch overlay?

            I'll take some pics of the TS kit and post them before i send it back.


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              Take a look at the parts listed here;


              maybe this will help to identify what you need.