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Steering wheel remote controller USB interface - CarPC JoyCon EX

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  • Steering wheel remote controller USB interface - CarPC JoyCon EX

    CarPC JoyCon EX is the next version of CarPC JoyCon.

    CarPC JoyCon EX converts steering wheel remote controller into USB keyboard and HID remote controller.

    You can control MediaPlayer, Winamp or front-end(ex. CentraFuse) with your steering wheel remote controls.

    Hardware feature
    - Converts resistance-output steering wheel remote controller into USB HID keyboard and HID remote controller.
    - Works same as standard USB HID keyboard and HID remote controller by hardware.
    - 24V tolerant 4 channel resistance input.
    - Supports 28 physical buttons, 52 programmable logical buttons.
    - 2 logical button for one physical button, up to 5 simultaneous key strokes by one button.
    - 2 programmable LED port.
    - Remote wake-up(resume PC from sleep with steering wheel remote controller).
    - Temperature range : -40 ~ +85C

    JoyCon Explorer aided feature
    - Preset change by Preset up and down buttons.
    - Speech and OSD when preset is changed.
    - Application link(application launches and popup with preset changing).
    - Speech when application launches and a button is pressed.
    - User definable Button Speech
    - Automatic Button Detection
    - Online firmware update.

    - No external power or driver installation needs.
    - Available OS : Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2003
    (JoyCon Explorer supports Windows XP and the later version.
    JoyCon Explorer does not support Linux.)

    App Link enables to launch application with steering wheel remote control's button and switch application when preset is changed.

    Connect two wires of CarPC JoyCon EX’s input channel to the remote controls, and connect USB.

    This is the typical resistance-output steering wheel remote controller's circuit.
    You can put additional buttons like green box below by DIY, if you want.

    You can control two external LED.


    User reported model that works with CarPC JoyCon EX
    Alfa Romeo 156 2.0 JTS
    Chevrolet Captiva
    Chevrolet Cavalier
    Citroen Xantia
    Citroen XSARA 1997-2000
    Dodge Durango
    Fiat GrandePunto
    Ford Fiesta
    Ford Focus
    Ford Mondeo
    Ford Ranger(Cruise control only)
    GM Cadilac Escalade 2002
    GM Daewoo all model
    Honda Ridgeline
    Hyundai all model(except Sonata2/3, Marcia, Santamo)
    KIA all model
    Land Rover Discovery 4
    Mitsubishi 380GT 2006
    Nissan 350Z
    Nissan Cube
    Nissan Murano
    Nissan Navara 2007
    Peugeot 806
    Pontiac Firebird 96
    Renault Samsung SM3/5(Audio controller only)
    SAAB 9-3 9-5
    Scion TC 2006
    Subaru Impreza
    Toyota Camry 2005 - 2010
    Toyota Corolla 2004(Cruise control only)
    Toyota Corolla 2009-2010
    Toyota Land Cruiser 2004
    Toyota Lexus 330
    Toyota supra 1990
    Toyota Yaris
    and many other cars with resistive steering wheel controls

    Supported remote controller:
    Sony RM-X2S
    Sony RM-X11M

    How to use in Centrafuse


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      so what exactly is the difference between the original CarPC JoyCon and this newer EX version?

      the only thing I can really see is that there's support for more buttons and programmable LEDs...


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        The most different thing is Long/Short Button, Hold Time and Toggle button and multimedia key.

        Former CarPC JoyCon supports only one function for one button.
        But CarPC JoyCon EX supports two function(Long Button and Short Button) for one button.
        For example, you can use one button for both next track and fast forward.
        There was delay button in former CarPC JoyCon.
        But Long Button and Short Button is more extended function.

        Hold Time is the period of button press.
        If "Hold Time" is 0, the button is not released automatically, button keeps pressed while real button of steering wheel is pressed.
        This is useful when you control volume. You don't need to press button repeatedly. (Former version supported only this function)

        If "Hold Time" is 1~254, the button is released automatically after "Hold Time".

        If "Hold Time" is 255, the button is toggled. If you want use Window+TAB to switch application, set the Window button as toggle button(Hold Time : 255).

        The "Hold Time" can be configured for each long and short buttons.

        Multimedia keys are the function of HID remote controller.
        You can control media players(Winamp or Window Mediaplayer) with multimedia keys.
        And you can also control system volume and power off the PC and let the PC go into sleep.

        And the compatibility trouble of former CarPC JoyCon was solved.
        Former CarPC JoyCon has trouble with some ITX mainboard and USB hub.

        And many other functions are upgraded and added.


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          ^..and the most importantly windows 7 compatibility!

          i was sick and tired of having to restart my pc everytime i got into my car
          cuz the joycon buttons were "stuck"

          2006 Mazda6 Carpc

          2008 Acura TSX Nexus 7


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            I'm having the same problem as trinybwoy has with my JoyCon and Windows 7. Does the EX definitely resolve this?

            *Edit* Looks like dumping all preset files except my own and not having JoyCon Explorer run in the background has solved the hibernation issue for me (although I haven't tested that for more than a couple of restarts so far)

            *Re-Edit* Nope, still doesn't seem to work reliably after hibernation, unless I'm missing something obvious (certainly possible).


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              I have had no issues with my old JoyCon and Windows7 (DG45FC Intel mini-ITX), so maybe your problems are a combination of things in addition to windows7? See if you can return the device if it works the same as the previous one for your system, that's what I would do.

              Now I noticed the windows media keys inclusion...very very nice. You can have a system wide sleep button for instance (doesn't matter what FE you're using, of even if you are in a FE). No need to program a sleep button on a FE, if you have a spare button in one of your remotes connected to JoyCon. That and the two functions per button is great.

              I'm going to buy one for my install on the Sequoia, definitely. Just need to find the right remotes.
              Worklogs: 08 Sequoia Platinum Carputer (In Progress!)
              Skin: MetroSex on the Beach preview

              07 Infiniti Fx35 (done!) & 06 Infiniti M35 (gone...)


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                I'm stuck between buying this or the 3dconnexion .

                my steering wheel only has 3buttons, and i want to be able to maximize the use of the joycon ex.

                i would like to return the volume control to the stock radio...
                so im not sure yet.

                2006 Mazda6 Carpc

                2008 Acura TSX Nexus 7


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                  I used this on my FX: a Sony remote with 10buttons with the previous version of JoyCon. My volume control IS on my stock radio/stock steering wheel buttons. Still I felt the need of the Sony stalk.

                  I also used the 3D Connection device on the M35 install. In the end most of the time I used it with prev/next/play/pause thing.

                  It's hard to use it as shortcut for NAV/HD Radio (I had HD Radio on my M35, haven't yet install it since), and I wasn't happy using it as a mouse at all. I can do all that now with the Sony Remote, all but the mouse functions.
                  Worklogs: 08 Sequoia Platinum Carputer (In Progress!)
                  Skin: MetroSex on the Beach preview

                  07 Infiniti Fx35 (done!) & 06 Infiniti M35 (gone...)


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                    CarPC JoyCon EX solved the troubles of previous CarPC JoyCon with some ITX mainboard and USB hub, and developed based on Windows7.


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                      Thanks, just ordered one; can't wait to try it out.


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                        Originally posted by Challenged View Post
                        Thanks, just ordered one; can't wait to try it out.
                        where do you order from?


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                          It is on


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                            Just search for joycon ex on ebay. What he said ^


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                              also this will work with most any car right? i have a 2008 Civic Si and i just want to make sure before i buy