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touchscreen advice needed - i'm lost

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  • touchscreen advice needed - i'm lost

    i've been reading a LOT of this subforum for the last couple of days, and either it's information overload or i'm just getting old (the probable cause), but i'm having difficulty wrapping my brain around the "correct" solution for what i need, so i'm throwing myself upon the mercy of the members hoping someone (or ones) can help me...

    first off, it's not for a car... as part of my mid-life crisis, i'm in the process of restoring a 1948 seeburg trashcan jukebox (if interested, pictures of disassembly can be found here and the build thread can be found here... it's really not a complete restore, as i'm going to "modernize" the internals... stuff a fit-pc2 in there (or something similar) to do the "work"... new speaker... new electronics... etc.

    i won't bore you with the details, but the long term goal is to have this function as a multi-media control device (in addition to it making music)... which gets to the question i'm trying to answer...

    i'd like to use a touchscreen device mounted where one of the panels of buttons is to be as the input/control device for the pc...


    - size. 8" diagonal maximum. a small bezel would be nice in terms of fitment. a bare screen would be best of all. 7" would work as well, but it would be nice to maximize the available space. technically speaking, i could go a bit larger (maybe 10"), but i would have to modify the actual jukebox itself. i am willing to do this if in the opinions of those here, a 10" screen would be a better option than an 7 or 8" one. whatever the choice ends up being, i'll fabricate the mounting device (somehow).

    - responsive/accurate touchscreen. at first it will just be displaying the itunes interface, but i would expect to have display "other things" as time goes on. another point of reference, i'm an iphone user. something that had much poorer response than that would frustrate me mightily. i'm willing to sacrifice a bit there, but only a bit. it HAS to be usable.

    - since it will be in my living room and not in my car, sun glare is not an issue.

    - powering it is not an issue. plans call for various voltages (both ac and dc) to power various other things in there, so power supply is taken care of.

    - budget is $500. that can move a bit north if required. that being said, it wouldn't hurt my feelings to come in under budget. however, i want to do this "right" the first time. i don't want to re-live past experiences of trying to cheap out and costing myself more money in the end.

    - i'm reasonably handy with electronics, so if the "best" option doesn't come pre-packaged, i can work with that.

    i'm open to any and all suggestions (including for the pc, etc.). i'm fully aware that others can't make a decision for me, however, i'm hoping that with the details i provided, you guys can at least get me in the "right" neighborhood. and if more details are required, fire away.

    thanks for your help.

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    Since nobody responded, I will suggest a Xenarc brand screen. I find they look a bit better than the Lilliput screens. The one I had had a responsive 5 wire touchscreen that should get you good for your uses.