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Lenovo Mini wireless keyboard with track ball

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  • Lenovo Mini wireless keyboard with track ball

    Just came across this product today, and I thought it looked pretty cool for possible car use.

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    The looks interesting... where did you find it at? how much is it going for??


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      Edit: There is a new coupon code to make this $36 shipped if anyone is interested.


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        Hey, I just posted yesterday about this keyboard in the sticky thread. I think it's pretty good. I used to want the Logitech Mini DiNovo, but could never find myself ponying up the $100 going price. I got one of these with the same as above 40% off (for $36 total) a little while ago and really like it. I think even at that price it's a bit much, but definitely a way better deal than the Logitech.

        There are only a few drawbacks about this keyboard:
        There are no F keys
        Keys are not backlit
        Uses a proprietary usb receiver w/ mediocre range (though, it should be fine in the car)

        Otherwise I love it. Got one for the HTPC too.


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          Good deal just picked one up for my HTPC. Thanks for the heads up
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