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Radar Detector Location Question.

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  • Radar Detector Location Question.

    Lets say Bobert12 doesn't live in a 'radar friendly' area.

    I want to buy an STi Driver, but the only location i can put it, where i will have visible access to it, is pretty much under the dash.

    Im not to sure if this would be a wise choice.

    Like its easy to think to top the line, this sucker can pick up a signal from almost a kilometer a way, location in the car shouldn't matter. But if you put something in the way of the signal, then it could really screw things up.

    And by under the dash, i mean there would be the windshield and a few peices on plastic in the way. ( Hopefully not the firewall)

    Im curious if it would be even worth my time? Or could i get away with it with minimal consequences?


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    it'd be a waste. The radar detectors pick up mostly by line-of-sight. You'd be really hampering their abilities.

    I think there are a FEW radar detectors that actually utilize a separate detector module that you can stick up on the windshield somewhere inconspicuously and don't look like detectors at all. look for em.

    Also, usually in radar detector unfriendly states/areas, you'll have the cops running radar detector detectors... which will mean that unless you get a good detector that can block or stealth mode itself out of the detection from the police detector detectors, you'll be screwed no matter what.


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      You need one of the superheterodyne non-detectables. (Did I spell that ancient word correctly? DSP is so much easier!)

      If you use a detectable, you could use my method.... detector in the front (mine in a vent behind headlights with forward line of sight), extended panel & controls and power switch (settable to off-on-detect), and a microwave resonator in the passenger seat - powered (say) by an inverter that somehow happened to accidentally turn on just now(ish).

      You could also use certain radar-style circuits with appropriate IF frequency(s), but I love watching them scatter when (with the resonator) I say "oh ****e - it's still on!".

      PS - my experience is that if they "detect" you have a radar detector, they will rip your vehicle apart until they find it.