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powermate editor is borked in windows 7

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  • powermate editor is borked in windows 7

    I don't know if its something I screwed up but the powermate editor has some sort of gui bug on my screen. I had the thing working ok in xp but on my tiny 7 inch screen the powermate editor is broken. I can only see one or two input types, and you can't scroll any. in xp all seven or so input types would be visible on one screen. There is plenty of screen real estate but it cramps all the stuff I want to see into a little sliver and leaves the rest blank. I need to take a screen shot I think. brb.
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    my iguidance 4.0 is also hit with a gui bug...what did I do?


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      Does anybody have a workaround for this? How does the powermate store its settings?


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        Whats the resolution and dpi set to?
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          not sure where to check dpi. but the resolution tends to stay at 800 x 600. I used 1024x 768 and 1280 x 1024 and it still has the same broken gui.