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    I was wondering is there any program that will let me effciently dial up songs via remote or keypad ... or will i have to bring in a full keyboard (I have a touchscreen but still would prefer another type of interface)

    for instance lets say there are 500 mp3 loaded in your player and they are organized in several folder, is there a way to dial up the folder and then search thru that one folder.


    you knowthe name of the specific song you want to get to. is it possible to input the first few letters and jump to the song (using a remote of keypad) the way you can using the jump to command on winamp (using the alpha characters)?

    just curious

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    have you tried using CarComps Media Engine program? If you have a touchscreen it would work great for it... PLUS you can use remote, and/or keypad. It also browses your music list by browsing through your folders. You should really give it a try. Its come along VERY nicely. They dont have the search feature in it just yet, but I know they are working on it. Try it for 30 days or you get your money back guaranteed (btw, the program is free.)
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      Thanks, I will try the program this weekend