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Joycon in a Ridgeline

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  • Joycon in a Ridgeline

    This is a chart for Honda Ridgeline owners wanting to install a joycon.

    Main (20 PIN) radio wiring harness connector. This is the largest connector that plugs into the back of your stock radio head unit. This chart for wires 3 and 11 are correct for 06-08 models. Not sure about the other wires but this is strictly for installing a Joycon.

    1 ----- Not used
    2 YEL/RED ACC (main stereo power supply)
    3 GRN/RED Radio remote switch <-----CONNECT POSITIVE WIRE FROM JOYCON
    4 GRN/WHT Navigation display (SCTY)RED/WHT Multiplex integrated control unit (MICU) (SCTY)
    5 RED/BLU Right rear speaker (+)
    6 BRN/WHT Left rear speaker (+)
    7 BLU Front passenger door speaker (+) Right tweeter (+)
    8 LT GRN Driver’s door speaker (+) Left tweeter (+)
    9 RED/BLK Lights-on signal
    10 WHT Constant power
    11 BRN Radio remote switch ground <----CONNECT GROUND WIRE FROM JOYCON
    12 BLU/RED Navigation unit (RG GND)
    13 WHT Navigation unit (RG L+)
    14 ----- Not used
    15 YEL Right rear speaker (-)
    16 RED/YEL Left rear speaker (-)
    17 RED Front passenger door speaker (-) Right tweeter (-)
    18 PUR Driver’s door speaker (-) Left tweeter (-)
    19 RED Dash lights brightness controller
    20 BLK Ground (G404)

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    Great useful info, newb! Repped.
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