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I think i found the best keyboard/mouse (my opinion)

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  • I think i found the best keyboard/mouse (my opinion)

    While looking around on Digg i stumbled upon this article:

    which lead me to find this device

    it essentially works as a mouse when held veritcally with one hand, when held horizontally with 2 hands you type on it just like a keyboard on a smart phone, the website that sells it has a video of it in use

    i also found this one but i don't know how good it is
    Scion CarPC

    Bluetooth Audio Gateway Tutorial

    How to speed up boot with buried features in msconfig

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    I like my rii mini keyboard. I got it from
    Took only 3days.


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      holy crap Injector that thing looks great. It would be better for an HTPC i think but it seems really good
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        I don't notice a 'delete' key.

        Does it let you Cntrl-Alt-Delete?

        Right now, I use Gyration Air Music Remotes on both my htpc's, and in my car, I have a very mini usb thumboard for quick inputs, but there's no way to do cntrl-alt-delete on it, so I have to also keep a full size IR keyboard in the car.
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