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MCE Remote to control Centrafuse?

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  • MCE Remote to control Centrafuse?

    My question is, can Centrafuse be controlled via an MCE remote? Basic controls like MUTE, VOLUME and Track switching? That's all I ask for. Will an MCE remote be enough for it? I might have passengers who might want to flip tracks etc. Will they be able to use the MCE remote for the same?

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    I don't think so. CF does not recognize special windows media keys, like those on keyboards with media buttons, etc. Since those are special "media keys" you can't even program a hotkey for them inside CF. CF only accepts individual keys, or key combinations like CTRL+ALT+3, etc. to control media.
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      i have always thought a cool app would be like a macro program that could take any old remote, learn the buttons, then apply those to whatever clickable button you can find on your pc.

      you would be allowed to assign different buttons to different applications, so say the NEXT PAUSE PLAY buttons work for winamp, then the VOLUME buttons control windows default levels.

      to program the buttons, you would be able to physically click the button you want with your mouse, then the software will know from then on to just repeat that action inside that assigned program.

      this way i could use any universal credit card sized remote and keep it in my cup holder. or use a nice spare remote from an broken headunit or something...