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Hacking a remote control into a car steering wheel controls

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  • Hacking a remote control into a car steering wheel controls

    I don't have any experience in this but I thought I would give it a go as it seems the cheapest option. I'm wondering if anyone has done this before and can lend me some advice. I've pulled the cars stereo remote apart and I'm wondering If I can drill a small hole onto each side of the button pad's circuit and solder a wire on either side, and add a button in between to complete the circuit. I haven't pulled the steering controls apart yet. I'm wondering what type of button would be suitable for the steering wheel controls, it would need to complete the circuit once pushed then open after letting go so as to not drain the remotes battery. Also is it stupid to try and mount it inside the steering wheel. I'll post some pics tomorrow when I get the chance.

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    You'd better use Resistive remote controller circuit.
    It is very simple circuit.

    But if you want to mount the remote controller on the steering wheel(the rotating part), you will need clock spring.
    Or to avoid mounting clock spring, you can mount the remote controller on the neck of the steering wheel(the non rotating part).


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      I started to go down this path but couldn't figure out a nice mouting solution (didn't want to mess up my steering wheel). In the end I used my mobile phone with the software Vectir Bluetooth Remote Control. I now have my phone in a holder mounted on the dash just to the side of the steering wheel. When Vectir is running, I can control Winamp by pressing buttons on my phone. It works over Bluetooth (or WiFi) which obviously saves the hassle with the wiring and steering wheel mounting etc.