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Remote control input via car pc joycon

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  • Remote control input via car pc joycon

    Hi all

    I have a car pc joycon that is not being used anymore as I have changed cars.

    I would like to add some buttons to my car install using this.

    any idea how I would wire 4 or 5 buttons using a resistor network implementing this via a car pc joycon?

    can I gut a game controller for this?

    Thanks in advance.

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    The first post at this thread shows the circuit diagram for adding additional buttons using a resister network. Might be of som help
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      Thanks very much - looks good - Will have a go this weekend.


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        Any idea where I can salvage some push to make switches from?

        I would rather not buy them :|


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          almost any momentary, normally open, switch would probably work-- i like to salvage switches from broken electronics, or electronics that i find in the garbage.
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