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Touchscreen input idea

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  • Touchscreen input idea

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if anyone has attempted to use a slightly oversized touchscreen (extra space on the side which is outside of the vieweing area of the LCD) to have some static buttons setup?

    Say there is a 1in strip on the side where I can setup static buttons to run. I can probably stick some transparent film on there with printed color button names, and wire a fiew diodes as a backlight. What do you think? Doable??

    I'll be using linux/freebsd with XFree86.



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    30 views, no ideas?

    I know some of you out there have considered this...

    I guess i'll give it a shot and report my findings... once my TSK comes in....


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      I just thought this would be pretty hard because a touchscreen overlay assumes that it is matching the same size as the LCD behind it. When you touched this outside edge "overlap" area the input would be reading it as the far outer edge of the display and not as extra area for buttons.

      I would just recommend getting matching overlay and screen and then doing your buttons in software, where they belong. So you can always change/rearrange. But if you want exterior buttons from the screen then just buy some nice separate ones. They have those real slim buttons that are usually on "credit card" remotes. Just little dimples to depress.

      But who knows it my be worth it, just seems like a lot of work for your end result.