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Can I hardwire my iPod to this Alpine head unit?

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  • Can I hardwire my iPod to this Alpine head unit?

    I have a old alpine unit, 7982, without M bus, and without the AUX function, but it has the 6 disc changer button on the front of the unit, and the 6 disc plug on the back. I want to get this to work with my ipod. I've dug around on the net, and some say you can hack the cable or possible add a relay or resitor to fool the changer cable into thinking it's connected to changer to get the ipod music to play.

    One guy told me this, and I don't know what will work:

    (I know a changer is needed for the radio to communicate with. That is the only way you can get that radio to switch to that input. You would have to cut into the cable and get to the left and right signal cables. Cut those 2 wires and wire up a relay to allow you to switch from the changer to the AUX input. Without a working changer, there is no way to get that deck to switch to that input. The radio has to be able to communicate with the changer in order to allow it to switch to that input.)

    Someone else said this:

    (When it wouldn't work I contacted Alpine tech support and he said that although this unit does not have an AUX function the unit will still play the ipod music through the cable if the pink wire on the back of the head unit is grounded (through a toggle switch) when grounded the unit will display INTERRUPT and ipods music will play through. When ungrounded it goes back to normal radio or CD input.)

    Can anyone give me details on how I can get this to work?