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Lenovo Wireless Multimedia Keyboard/Mouse, on SD

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  • Lenovo Wireless Multimedia Keyboard/Mouse, on SD

    Hey mp3car,

    Long time lurker, just wanted to give you guys a heads up that the lenovo wireless multimedia keyboard/trackball is on sale for $30 shipped.

    I bought this device a few months ago for slightly more (it's usually on sale <$40). I haven't yet put together my car PC, but I bought this device specifically for car PC applications, but it is very popular for HTPC use. It's not BT, but I think this is actually better for car PC applications. The trackball is slightly awkward, but I imagine most are using a touch screen, so that might be a moot point. The keyboard is relatively tactile, much like an HTC phone's keyboard.

    I'm a big fan of DealExtreme, as well, but i think this device makes more sense than the BT keyboards sold on DX.

    Just a heads up for those who are looking for a good input device.

    I'm not sure if this belongs in another sub-forum, but besides the classifieds, I didn't really see a better/more appropriate space. Feel free to move as necessary.