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Touchscreen Recognition Problem

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  • Touchscreen Recognition Problem

    I'm trying to test out my touchscreen on my Windows 7 laptop before I hook it up to my carpc running Ubuntu (I'm much more familiar w/ Windows, as I'm new to Linux) so that I can make sure everything works properly. I downloaded an eGalax driver for it, but when I plug in the actual USB for my touch screen, I can't get my computer to recognize it.

    Here's a screen shot of what I keep getting. Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

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    Inelmatix XF1000 connected to GA-H55N_USB3, win 7 and eGalax touchscreen driver (5.6?)

    I had problems with the H55 express USB connection.
    Fortunately the board also has a NEC D720200F1 USB controller. That has worked flawlessly.

    So it may work in your car. But there does seem to be issues with certain setups.


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      Hrm, I don't know about that. Maybe I'll just go straight to my carpc and give it a try.


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        Know about what? There are apparently some win 7 issues, but that's not your car environment. So there's no reason to think that a problem on a Win 7 test system indicates a problem with the device and linux driver.


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          If that's truly the issue, or if there is something else that could be wrong. I guess I'll have to try it out and see