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confusion over Joycon EX into Mitsubishi 380/Galant

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  • confusion over Joycon EX into Mitsubishi 380/Galant

    Howdy all..

    I've come to a dead end with trying to install the Joycon EX.
    vehicle is a 2006 Mitsubishi 380GT , or a Galant to some people in the world

    attatched is a wiring diagram of the steering wheel control wiring, if anyone could be of assistance i'd greatly appreciate it...

    i don't quite understand the 2 wires from the clock spring to the headunit , when there is the 2 buttons on the steering wheel...
    does this mean all the resistance values are different for it to understand which button you press , and does the Joycon then only use one channel ???


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    If things go like other vehicles I have installed a JoyCon into...

    First, if you can probe the Green/Orange and the Green/Black wires to see if there is any voltage going to them with the car in acc/on. If not, continue.

    I would then try to connect the black wire from the JoyCon EX into Green/Orange coming from the car and the white wire from the JoyCon EX into the Green/Black wire from the car.

    Harness Data:

    Give it a shot I suppose, let us know.


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      Hello Titleist

      As the wiring diagram, 4 wires from left and right switches are tied into 2. It means all the resistance values of the left and right buttons are different.
      So you only need one channel of JoyCon EX.

      Connect the 2 wires(from the clock spring to the headunit) to the white and black wires of JoyCon EX respectively.

      If the 2 wires are not connected to Radio or CD Player, you don't need to care about the polarity.

      HoRyong Kang


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        thankyou very much...

        i wired it up as per Zharvek's post , and it works..
        just channel A used , and the resistance values are different for each button in the joycon software...a couple of the buttons make the red line wobble side to side ever so slightly, but all seems good..

        now just try to figure out how to use the software to link it with centrafuse and i'll be all set.