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Andrea USB-SA Superbeam Problems

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  • Andrea USB-SA Superbeam Problems

    Hey guys, I bought the Andrea setup from the store. I don't care much about voice commands, my primary interest is bluetooth. I've spent hours now trying to tweak it into working in what I consider is an acceptable way. Firstly, I have a noisy exhaust that resonates the cabin a bit. But when I calibrate it and put the microphone on the dash directly in front of me, noise reduction completely eliminates that... so we're good with that. My problem is echo. No matter how low I reduce the main volume or how low I make the mic gain I still seem to get echo. The echo cancellation is definitely working, it's just not working as well as I'd hope. The echo cancellation also seems to work better some calls and not well at all some calls. Completely inconsistent. Often times I will go to test it and there will be some echoes for the first couple things the caller says and then no more echo in the call, other times the caller will tell me there is really bad echo and I didn't believe it until one time I went to the caller with the conversation going and talked from their phone and sure enough bad echo. If that's not enough, when the call is over hte noise reduction/echo cancellation doesn't turn off until I click the phone icon in the system tray. Any way to automate this?

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    I'd have to say after a couple of hours spent fiddling with mine I have pretty much the same experience.

    Will play some more and see what I come up with.
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      andrea usb-sa problems

      I don't mean to hijack but it looks like an old thread with similar problems. I'm going thru this right now. Just picked up a andrea superbeam with the usb soundcard/dongle. I have the output from the andrea usb going to my amp. the mic is the superbeam array. The software doesn't seem to be working!! the echo is there, and i cant do anything to change it. Also the system is not showing any use by andrea, it doesn't seem to be starting up? When i finish these terrible test calls (wife loves it i'm sure) the sound sucks untill i turn off the speakerphone icon in the task tray. To turn that off i need to leave centrafuse and hit the speakerphone icon in the task tray. FYI Im running CF 3.1 on a atom 450 netbook. Isn't there a thread for this? believe me i've looked but I'm a newbe on the forum, maybe i'm not searching in the right place. Thanks for any advise guys(cheers) mp3car rules!