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  • Suggest a remote please

    i dont have the steering remote controls so i am looking for other options to control my system. i currently have but it is too big to be used while driving and it has a lot of buttons... i am looking for something which is easy to press even while driving.. (and yes it should also look sexy )

    secondly is it possible if i use an infrared port and girder software and use the same remote which is provided with the alpine head unit? (so i can control both the things with one remote)

    Thanks in advance

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    i believe that the alpine remote, and ir sensor with Girder should allow you to do what you want(though i have never used any, so try at your own risk..)

    otherwise, you could try to setup a fusion brain/qube with buttons to trigger certain reactions on the computer(their respective forum sections will have more info)
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      Any of the steering wheel button style remotes from Alpine or Sony will work Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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        ok so lets say i buy (or something simila). i would need carpc JoyCon to set this up.. right?? is there any bluetooth thing already available which can be paired and used directly???

        i will giv the alpine remote with irder a shot soon (i am yet to arrange a irda port.. its kind of ancient here)


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          Old standby always works...

          If you are still looking...

          Don't forget the venerable ATI Remote Wonder and Remote Wonder II

          These both work with the included ATI dongle and do not require an ATI graphics card to be installed. They also work without a line of site, unlike an IR remote, which is preferable in a automotive environment. With or without Girder, this remote can do it all fairly handily.

          For an easier to operate remote, check out any number of PowerPoint or Media remotes that are out there... say

          From Newegg