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Sony RM-X11M remote controller for Car PC

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  • Sony RM-X11M remote controller for Car PC

    This is Sony remote controller RM-X11M for marine.
    You can use it on Car PC or Boat PC with CarPC JoyCon EX .

    When 12v is supplied, pink LED is turned on.

    Wiring is simple, just connect DATA and GND to CarPC JoyCon EX.

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    wow, you just made me salivate. that's freakin' awesome, I like that. Good find!


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      Need help. Defective unit?

      I found this remote controller on ebay for cheap and I bought it. I'm ordering JoyCon EX soon.
      I just need someone that owns this remote to clarify something.

      The unit I got was advertised(and looks) new. Every button I click, makes this "clicking" sound everyone is familiar with. The lower left and right buttons (GP/ALBM -/+) don't make any sound and they seem hard to press(I get no feedback at all). Is it defective? I'll check for continuity in the next few days (outside hometown for a few days) but I'd like someone that has the same remote to confirm that the fore mentioned buttons produce (or don't produce) any sound when clicked


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        GP/ALBM -/+ button do not make clicking sound.
        [GP/ALBM-] button has same resistance with [<<] and [GP/ALBM+] button has same resistance with [>>] button. I wonder why Sony designed like that.


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          Thank you man! At least I know my remote is OK. Yes, it's strange it's designed that way. Also, some of the buttons are harder to press, but that makes sense(eg for the "off" button)

          Also, about your observation about the resistance of the 2 GP/ALBM buttons, it sounds that they're useless unless hacked(with a resistance inserted inline each of the 2 buttons). I wonder how they're recognized by their Sony headunits...


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            It is good idea to hack the GP/ALBM -/+ buttons to have different resistance.


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              Yes, also to resolder new switches to make them "clickable" and also replace the switches especially on the small buttons to make them "softer".


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                Originally posted by extraaha View Post
                It is good idea to hack the GP/ALBM -/+ buttons to have different resistance.
                How do you hack those buttons?
                I checked the circuit board, but I dont see any obvious spot to put in a resistor.
                Also what kind of resistor? Those that come with JoyCon?

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