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<removed>. Better wifi solution???

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  • <removed>. Better wifi solution???

    Hey all, not sure if this is where this post should go, sorry... Im a newb but been on this website religiously for months now. I will be doing my first carpc install into my 05 Cadillac deville base. Will be a mac mini 1.66 core duo/1gb/80gb hdd. Already installed the power button cable kit and a mod for a wifi antenna into the mini. I also have a carnetix 1900 and the p5v and macpac. Just need a few more components to start my install. Have been planning for a while now with diff screen sizes but depends on how much fabricating I wanna attempt. LOL

    Anyways on to something i have found. Its called the <removed>. Allows you to "hack" secured wifi networks and has a much wider range. I thought this mite be more of a better wifi solution than the sharkfin that i was planning on putting in for in-car computing as for the abilities it has and the range for finding a wifi connection. What do you guys think?


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    As I am pretty sure what you are saying this device can do is illegal in the US, or at least allows you to do illegal things after it's done it's thing, I have edited your post.

    AFAIK accessing a protected wifi connection without the owners permission is against US law.

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      That would indeed be n0rty


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        Oh i didnt know. Well obviously it is when i think about LOL. Shows how much i like ill just stick w my phone tethered and the sharkfin antenna for everything then.