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BMW X5 E53 Input Device

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  • BMW X5 E53 Input Device

    Hi everybody! (first post here )
    I am looking for an input device to fit it the BMW X5 E53. It has to have the same functionality of the later iDrive knob. So, basically I would need a rotary knob with at least 4 (NSWE directions) or maybe 8 (NSWE and diagonals) click-able buttons inside.

    Powermate looks alright, but as far as I read, it is a plain rotary knob with no buttons. If it had buttons, it would be perfect (well except the light that needs to be changed to the BMW OEM amber).

    One other solution would be the Ergonomic Touchpad and write some simple software for mouse gestures. However, that would probably make it way less ergonomic.

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    Have you tried Space Navigator? That's what I use. Kind of sensitive though, you have to use RBC9 drivers and set the sensitivity VERY low. Then it's great.

    Here's some install instructions:

    And the updated rbc9 drivers:

    Now do your homework and see if it's really what you want.
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      I ended by dropping the whole controller idea. The space around the gearbox lever, where my hand would drop and the where controller should be placed, is very limited. I will just tap into the ibus and look for the steering wheel controls and headunit buttons telegrams.

      However, that controller looks pretty good, thanks for the tip.