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Lilliput LCD hardwire 12v psu length question

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  • Lilliput LCD hardwire 12v psu length question

    So far I have found a answer to all my questions on this forum, but not sure on one thing. From what I have read on people hard wiring the Lilliput screen to their car instead of the cig accessory, the best way is to run it off a 12v rail on your carpc psu. I get this super easy, but I'm mounting the pc in the trunk and would like to run a hdmi cable to the front of the car, whats the odds of me extending that 12v rail car length? Would the psu handle that, what gauge wire would be recommended, etc.

    If this is a bad idea I was also going to try and run the line to the fuse box (12v non constant) since I hear the lilliput has a inline regulator and use a fuse tap that holds 2 fuses. I hear the inline regulator is not that great so psu would be preferred if distance is not a problem.

    Well found this 12v-24v Computer quick release power cable kit M2-MTR-5-PWR

    Comes with a 12foot barrel plug wire that connects to lcds, so I guess the power supply handles the distance fine.
    My CarPC Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX MR