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  • IR remote controlling PC

    So i purchased this control/USB reciever from ebay in hopes that I could use it to control my carPC which is proving to be more difficult than I expected.

    I thought that this would be a simple plug and play type of thing, at least for controlling MC but I cant even get that to work. I plugged in the USB IR reciever and win7 installed it no prob as Ehome IR and I can see the receiver flash whenever I push a button but nothing happens past this.

    I would basically like it to map keyboard keys and I figured this program would work just fine but I cant seem to get it to read anything. I know that girder does this sort of thing as well but i dont know much more about girder. Would girder support this remote/USB receiver? Can anyone lead me in the direction i need to go here?
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    As I know, with Girder you can map the each event key of remote control to what you need for your PC.