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Headless voice only input

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  • Headless voice only input

    I recently watched the RR DFX video demo of a car PC being controlled with voice commands here:

    ,and was wondering, has any one tried building a carpc that is headless as in, no screen for the front end? I understand a screen would still be needed for NAV, OBD diags, movies, an so on. but with DFX being fully capable of dealing with the media aspect using voice commands.. wouldn't it be nice to have NAV or diag screen but still be capable of managing media without having to leave the nav screen? Let me know your thoughts. I am curious to know if anyone has tried this, also I am open to the criticism that comes with a post such as this. I would to hear the pros and cons people can come up with.
    POS 98 Nissan Altima Car PC Project