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Two touchscreens - One PC.

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  • Two touchscreens - One PC.

    Apologies if this has been asked before as I'm having problems find the solution on the forums.

    Hi all.

    Running Centrafuse on Mini-itx dual core Atom NM10 motherboard, 2gb ram, 500 gb hard drive and Windows 64 (which I think i'll be re-installing for the 32 bit version as I'm having problems with GPS and Bluesoleil - Xport might be the way).

    Configuring this all to your own specifications is very time consuming and to top it off, I've just bought an addtional 10.1" Lilliput usb touchscreen to go together with my lilliput 7" in dash mounted touchscreen unit.

    My question now is..... Is it possible to get the two touchscreens to work indepenently of each other, so that I can have centrafuse working on one (select music and video on scren) and then be playing with memory map or garmin software on the other (again all on screen). The in-dash is hooked up via VGA and the 10.1" is on USB.

    At the moment I can have both screens working and show the programs on different screens, but not work independently of each other.. Now this would be totally cool.

    Hoping you guys have the answers.

    Thx in advance.


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    So what's wrong with using Centrafuse to do this? Upgrade to the latest version [3.5] and this should be easy to accomplish no problem.
    Any major setup is going to be time consuming to setup exactly how you'd like.
    Set one screen as your primary and the other one as a secondary that will run your Navigation or whatever.
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      i know for sure that the lilliput touch software for their 7" screens supports multiple touch screens, but don't know if the usb screens use the same touch software..

      if they do, you might need to reinstall the software, or change the settings to allow the touch software to see 2 different monitors..
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