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Another reason for Recording Video

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  • Another reason for Recording Video

    This happened a couple of weeks ago outside of toronto and a great reason to record front cam video SNO

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    did you get the footage?
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      No I saw it on the news and the next day I was at the garage for the orange transport in the video, the driver was still shaking but as you can see he was very professional. the trailer got hit with few bits and he said the car that you see spin out really was lucky and was badly damaged


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        That's amazing thanks for sharing. I need to get a dash cam now...


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          I've wanted to do a perpetual recording dash-cam system for a long time now (since I started on my CarPC).

          The latest version of my front-end does have code in it to set a webcam up to take a screen-grab every second, and keep roughly 5 minutes worth of images in memory. Then, there's some code to save all the stored images with date/time stamp and GPS location. Unfortunately, the screen-grab from the webcam can lag things, so I haven't decided whether it's worth implementing it the way it is or not. Ideally, it would record actual video, but that would use a lot more memory, and might be tough to do in a sliding-buffer kind of way.

          My reason? I had a guy back his van up to try to hit me one time (yay Detroit). If I'd had a dash-cam, I would have let him hit me and then shown the video to the cops. But since I didn't, I threw it in reverse to avoid the 'accident', where I'm sure he would have claimed that I rear-ended him.

          Why don't all cars come with dash-cams? I mean, heck, even the old VHS-style cams could be useful in reviewing an accident.

          I would love to know if anyone on here does any sort of dash-cam in their car.