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Looking for FM/DAB+/DVB-T2 USB receiver

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  • Looking for FM/DAB+/DVB-T2 USB receiver

    Hi, guys,

    For the car-pc I am currently building I need a receiver capable of handling FM, DAB+ and DVB-T2 (digital radio is starting to transition from DAB to DAB+, and more and more DVB-T2 muxies are coming on-air). Unfortunately I seem to have little luck finding any useful receivers.... At present I seem to need at least 2 different units to handle my needs.... Anyone got a good suggestion? The unit should also be supported by linux-drivers as windows is banned from my car

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    On the Radio with DVB-T2 Lite

    Open Channel, a Copenhagen based broadcaster has recently applied for a licence from the Danish Radio & Television Board to broadcast trial digital radio services using the DVB-T2 Lite profile. The decision on the application is expected at their next meeting on August 30th 2011. Kenneth Wenzel, CEO of the company explains why he feels DVB-T2 Lite is his best option.


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      is PICE card also ok for you? if yes, check the TBS 6280


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        Hi, madist,

        Sorry, my enclosure does not have room for any add-on boards. That's why I specified USB. I do like the fact that it has dual tuners, but I still also need FM and DAB+ ..... which it does not have :-(