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  • Tv tuner help

    Ok so I am thinking of purchasing a in-dash all-in-one DVD player (Road Emperor).One problem there are 5 TV Tuners to choose from:
    • Analog
    • ATSC
    • DVB-T
    • DVB-T (HD)
    • ISDB-T

    I live in Australia and I know for a fact Analog is no longer been used so which one of the rest would be the best in terms of reception in a moving Vehicle and whats the difference? I know Google is my friend tried my friend Google didn't get a straight answer!


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    DVB-T(sd) is more robust(easier to recieve over longer distances) than HDDVB-T. The difference between the 2 is :

    DVB-T only recieves standard definition signals(about 780p resolution)

    DVB-T (HD) recieves high definition signals (1080p resolution) but is harder to recieve than SD.

    You will find that the dvd player with the DVB-T (HD) should do both signals (SD and HD)check the specs.
    ISDB-T is not available in Australia.


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      Thanks for the reply, so let me get this straight the best way to go would be just the normal DVB-T?

      And what is ATSC?


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          Yes with normal(standard definition ) DVB-T ,only if the DVB-T HD wont tune SD channels too. But you should find that the tuner with HD will recieve SD(normal) Channels too. So if that is the case, then i would go the one with HD as you have the benifit of both and if your having trouble getting a channel in HD, you can change channel to normal(SD).
          E.G. If you have a HD LCD TV in the home you will find it will tune the SD channels as well as the HD ones. Like..SBS-1(SD) and there will also be SBS-1HD, TEN digital(SD) and TEN HD and so on. The CAR DVB-T HD should do the same.


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            Just a heads up, don't expect to get any TV working while the car is moving. Analogue was okay to pick up, but digital TV starts dropping heavily once you get over about 20km/h from what I have found in testing. And expect to fit a pretty big antenna unit, or pay a LOT of money for smaller glass mount antennas, which are very directional.

            And that is with a LARGE panel antenna on the outside of my car, mounted on the roof racks. The only possible way to improve my current reception would be to pick up an omni antenna from Jaycar, which I might do just for a laugh, and to see whether the UFO style antenna works any better (It would probably get less wind resistance in any case!).

            But pick the DVB-T (HD), that is your best bet in Australia currently.


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              True. Need one of those dual(front&back mounted) car dtv antennas on ebay. They are around the $100-$120 mark are suppose to recieve signals at over 200+km/h and over 90db gain. One day i will get one, when Centrafuse finaly have a plug in support for my realtek dtv/dab/fm tuner.


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                The unit I have from Jaycar is this one:


                That is a half metre long panel antenna mounted on the roof racks, and that has 40db total gain (Its powered happily from the 5V line of my carpc power supply).

                The one I want to pick up and try (Which ironically is cheaper than my panel antenna, but it wasnt out when I got mine) is this one:

       <-- 108db total output and powered by 12V


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                  Chester, thanks for the link to JAYCAR. It seems ideal(not too big) and shouldnt have any problems recieving dtv/dab stations around SYDNEY's outer suburbs at all(driving)at 108db gain. The tiny little antenna i got with my dtv/dab tuner would work when im about 30kms from the Sydney but no good while driving. Strange thing is that i could also get all Woolongong stations too and that was well over 100kms away. Im going to JAYCAR over the weekend to have a look at the OMNI antenna. I hope it will work while mounted in the boot as i dont want to screw into any external panels, unless they have a strong magnetic base for it.


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                    I also brought one of these but returned it almost immediately I am in NZ and the advertised model said MPEG4 which did not work here maybe it would in Aussie.
                    However other features did not work live streaming radio media, Youtube Redtube ( redirected to Mredtube requires subscription )just to name a few.
                    I was very disappointed and lost $100 for return postage.